Treatment Frequency

For both physical treatments and hypno-psychotherapy sessions the frequency will depend upon numerous factors such as what the complaint is and its complexity, how long you have had the complaint for, if the complaint is constantly aggravated by sporting activities, stress/tension, lack of sleep, work and so on.

After the initial consultation process has been completed and your needs assessed following the first treatment/session we will be better placed to offer advice on how many treatments would benefit you most.  This can change as the course of treatment continues, and will continually be assessed as we progress.

Please note that we cannot guarantee outcomes from any treatment, we do however guarantee to do our very best to help you.

Discomfort during and after a physical treatment

We are skilled and experienced practitioners who will work up to your individual pressure/pain threshold during each treatment session.  There may however be some occasions where knots. adhesions, trigger points or stagnation have developed that require attention and may cause a little discomfort. If this occurs we will work to make the sessions as productive and as pain free as possible.   We actively encourage you to keep an honest dialogue with us before, during and after the treatment so that we can best help you.

We use a range of equipment for different problems, including ultra sound; electrotherapy pads; acupuncture; rollers; vibrating massage machines; kinesiology taping. All of which will be explained to you before the treatment begins so that you are fully aware of what to expect and that you will not experience unnecessary pain and/or discomfort.

Following the treatment please be aware of how to optimise the effects, such as drinking plenty of water; eating light meals; refrain from alcohol; not doing anything too strenuous.  Occasionally there is the potential for feeling worse before you feel better, particularly if you have been experiencing the issues for a long time, for instance you may feel tired, thirsty, emotional, this is a natural healing process.  Please follow the advice and you will feel the benefits.