Cancellations/Appointment Amends

If you are unable to attend your appointment for any reason a minimum of 24 hours notice is required. Notification may be given by text, telephone (including voicemail), email.  An invoice will be sent for the cost of your appointment for cancellations or amendments with less than 24 hours notice.  If you have already paid for a course of treatments and for any reason you need to cancel or reschedule with less than 24 hours notice you will forfeit that particular appointment and not be able to re-book it for another time. 

Payment for the cancelled treatement, under 24 hours notice, will be required before any further bookings can be taken.

We will send a text reminder prior to your scheduled appointment to the telephone number provided on the consultation form.  Please keep us updated on any changes to your contact information. 

We appreciate at Mind Body Solutions that we all have busy schedules and there may be circumstances outside our control that prevent us from attending appointments. Whilst this is understandable it is necessary for us to implement a cancellation policy to ensure we can offer the best possible service to all our customers and also to protect the on-going viability of the business.


Please provide as much detail as possible on the consultation form, which we will email (or post if no email available) to you as soon as you make a booking.  We request that you email the form back to us prior to your appointment so we can plan ahead and therefore use the appointment time effectively.  

It is your responsbility to update us on any future updates/changes to your health, including changes to your medication, illnesses, operations, pregnancy and so on.   Please also keep us updated on any personal changes, change of home address, phone number and so on.


Please ensure you switch off your mobile phone during your tretament to allow you to fully relax.


We need to know if you are pregnant, even if the rest of the world is oblivious. It is advised if you contact us in advance of the appointment to ensure we can treat you, particularly if you are in your 1st trimester. 

Treatment Duration

Up to 45 minutes for reflexology

Up to 45 minutes for physical treatment

Up to 60 minutes for hypno-psychotherapy

Privacy Policy

At Mind Body Solutions we are committed to your privacy.   In response to the new Data Protection Act we have developed a new privacy policy.  Please see below the overview of the policy.  If you should require a copy of the full policy please email us at mindbodysolutionsclinic@gmail.com

Why do we collect your personal data?

We collect and use your personal data to enable us to provide the best treatment plan for you.

How do we collect your personal data?

We collect your data when you contact us to book a treatment and then you complete a consultation form.  We will do our best to take care of your data so as to protect your privacy by following our privacy policy.

We don’t share your personal data with third parties

Your personal data will be used by Mind Body Solutions employees only, solely for the purposes of supporting your engagement with us to assist your health needs.

We will protect your personal data

Your personal data is securely stored on databases and we will follow security guidelines to keep your personal data safe.

Your rights in relation to your personal data

The new law gives you certain rights in relation to your personal data, in particular a right to a copy of your personal data and a right to have personal data deleted.  You can exercise these rights at any time by contacting mindbodysolutionsclinic@gmail.com.   Please note in order to have treatment a current signed consultation form, with up to date information, must be in force.  If you should choose to have your personal data deleted and you should require a treatment in the future, a new consultation form would need to be completed.

Privacy Notice:

The data you provide to Mind Body Solutions will be stored securely and will be used for the purposes of providing bespoke treatments.  Our data protection policy is available and is accordance with the Data Protection Act.  To support your engagement with us we will contact you to confirm appointments.  You can opt out of receiving your appointment reminders by  contacting mindbodysolutionsclinic@gmail.com.

Social Media Policy

This document outlines my office policies related to use of social media.  Please read it to understand how I operate ethically and professionally on public sites and how you can expect me to respond to various interactions that may occur between us on social media.  This policy is also to protect my clients privacy and confidentiality, and our therapeutic relationship.  
If you have any questions about anything within this document, I encourage you to bring them up when we meet or via email.  As new technology develops and the internet/social media changes, there may be times when I need to update this policy.  If I do so, I will notify you in writing of any policy changes and make sure you have a copy of the updated policy. 

Facebook - I have a Facebook professional page for my practice but I no expectation that you will follow this.  I use this page to share my blog, inspirational quotes and any helpful articles on mental health issues.  You are welcome to follow this page or even ‘like’ the page but I will not engage in any help or support via this page.  You can comment on this page but do bear in mind that this could compromise your confidentiality that you are seeing me as a client or it may impact our therapeutic relationship.  I will not accept friends or contact requests from any client or colleagues on my personal Facebook account.  This page is private and for friends and family only. 

Twitter - I post articles, quotes, helpful tips and my blog posts on Twitter.  You are welcome to follow this Twitter feed or share any articles I tweet.  I will not follow you back as I will only follow colleagues or mental health organisations.  If you do share anything then please remember retweeting can, just like Facebook, compromise your confidentiality or our therapeutic relationship.  I will not offer any personal help or support through Twitter. 

LinkedIn and About Me  - This is my professional profile.  You are welcome to look at it but I will not accept any requests from clients or anyone I do not know.   

Friending  - I do not accept friend or contact requests from current or former clients on any social networking site.  I believe that adding clients as friends or contacts on these sites can compromise your confidentiality and our respective privacy.  It may also blur the boundaries of our therapeutic relationship.  If you have questions about this, please bring them up when we meet and we can talk more about it 

Search Engines - I will not search for clients via google or any other search engine.  I will not follow or comment on current or past clients blog posting.  Either of these activities could jeopardise our therapeutic relationship.  If there are things that are online that you wish to share with me then you need to please bring them to your session so that we can talk about it. 

Communication - Do not message me via Facebook or any other social media accounts.  I do not monitor these accounts actively and these accounts are not secure.  If you wish to contact me in between our sessions then either telephone, text or email me on the numbers provided to you. 

Blog - I occasionally blog about mental health issues giving useful self-help tips.  I have no expectation that you will follow this or comment on it.  Just like twitter and Facebook, remember commenting can compromise your confidentiality.  

Google + and advertising sites  - You may have found out about me on sites such as google+, or other search engines.  Some of these sites allow users to leave a review.  If you have found me via these websites you are not obliged to rate or endorse me as a client and I will never ask you to leave a review.  Remember that these sites are public forum and any sharing of information could reveal who you are.  If you do have any issues that are troubling you then it is best you bring it to our sessions together as this can be an important part of our therapy.   

Location-Based Services - If you use located-based services on your mobile phone, you may wish to be aware of the privacy issues related to you using these services.  If you have GPS tracking enabled on your device, it is possible that others may surmise that you are a therapy client due to regular check-ins at my office location.  Please be aware of this risk if you are intentionally ‘checking in’ from my office or if you have a passive location-based service amp enabled on your phone.  

Jurisdiction  - Please note that I operate my practice under the jurisdiction of the law of the United Kingdom and all rules and regulations for social media and data are relevant to this country alone.  I do not offer therapy to any person living (or working at the time therapy is required) outside of the UK.  This is due to different rules and laws being applicable in different countries/jurisdictions.    Online therapy contracts (where applicable) will state that the client must be resident in the UK for therapy to commence and continue. 

Conclusion  - Thank you for taking the time to review my social media policy.  If you have questions or concerns about any of these policies or procedures or regarding our potential interactions on social media, please do bring them to my attention so that we can discuss them.