After feeling extremely dizzy and losing balance regularly throughout the day I was told by my GP that I had a build up in my ears and that there was not much they could do for me .. I would need to let it run its course.  If you have ever suffered with Vertigo you will understand how debilitating it is, not only feeling dizzy but nauseas too. 

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At our Acupuncture Cheshire Clinic we ensure that our practitioners are very highly qualified and experienced in acupuncture treatments.  You can even claim back some of your costs through private health care because we are a recognised provider of Healthcare Clinic Treatments.

Recently in America it has been chiropractors have been sued for practicing Acupuncture illegally. Here is an article from Acupuncture Safety.

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Gua Sha breaks up the stagnation that causes you to feel pain and stiffness. It energises your Qi (energy) and allows for congested blood, metabolic waste and toxins that lie deep within the tissues to be released and promotes normal circulation to the muscles, tissues and organs directly beneath the area being treated.

Although it seems a strange treatment the first time you have it, often the improvement in stiffness, degree of pain and mobility will convince you that it is well worth having.

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