"After suffering with severe anxiety for a number of months I was so pleased to find help. The Hypnotherapy Cheshire treatment with Neil Gray has been so successful and life changing.  I cannot thank him enough for his help."

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Acupuncture has been used in sports medicine for several decades - primarily for pain management and to aid injury recovery - and, more recently, to help enhance sport performance.

A small study into acupuncture use with elite athletes indicated that even 15 years ago, more than half of 13premioership football clubs used some form of acupuncture to enhance athletic performance.

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People with a stronger purpose in life and positive relationships with others may live longer.

A study asked more than 6,000 people (aged 20 to 70) how strongly they felt about the following statements: "Some people wander aimlessly through life but I am not one of them", "I live life one day at a time and don't really think about the future", and "I sometimes feel as if I've done all there is to do in life".  Participants were also asked about social relationships.

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