December was the season of goodwill but the one person that often gets forgotten about coming in to the New Year is the most important – you!

With the Christmas and New Year buzz over it is important to take a minute to look after your health and well being so that you can start enjoying every moment of the New Year.

Is sports massage just for sports people? Definitely not!

Sports Massage aims to restore function and eradicate muscular pain whether the discomfort has originated in bad posture from desk work, or on a football pitch.

Sports massage is helpful for anyone looking for a deep tissue massage that soothes, eases, and mobilises the muscles.  Whilst it’s invaluable to athletes who might need pre and post event work to either loosen, repair or refresh sore, aching limbs; sports massage is also ideal for those who don’t necessarily play sports, but perhaps sit in the same position for long periods, or carry out repetitive tasks. It can restore stiff, sore muscles to ones that move with pain-free ease; giving freedom from pain and discomfort.

Massage therapy can be used to mobilise joints and muscles, to alleviate pain and increases range of movement.

Here are 10 reasons why a sports massage should be on your New Year's resolution list:

1. Relieves emotional tension and anxiety

2. Removes toxins and waste products

3. Increases blood and lymph flow

4. Relieves pain and muscle tension

5. Improves muscle flexibility and posture

6. Inhibits the formation of scar tissue

7. Stimulates the nervous system

8. Promotes healing and recovery

9. Helps prevent injury and restores mobility

10. Fosters faster healing of strained muscles and sprained ligaments; reduces pain and swelling


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£45.00 per treatment
Course of Treatment Special Offers: 
3 treatments @ £129.00 (saving £6.00)
4 treatments @ £159.00 (saving £21.00)
Annual Package @ £449.00 (saving £91.00 / 1 treatment) per month, over 12 months