Covid-19 Policy

These are the new operational/policy changes under legislative and professional body requirements as a direct result of Covid-19.  

Booking Policy - by making a booking you agree that you...

  • are not in an 'at risk' category (e.g. medical conditions, pregnant, shielding)
  • do not have any circulatory or respiratory conditions
  • have not been symptomatic within 1 week prior to your appointment
  • have not come into contact with anyone symptomatic within 1 week prior to your appointment

Attendance Policy - by making an appointment you agree to, where possible...

  • attend your appointment alone
  • bring your own water if needed (water can no longer be provided)
  • leave any unnecessary items in the boot of your car or at home (coats, bags, jewellery, mobile phones etc)
  • arrive as close to your appointment time as possible (please do not enter the clinic more than 5 minutes prior to your appointment time)
  • leave promptly following your appointment
  • if you arrive late for your appointment your treatment time will be reduced accordingly
  • change into clean clothes before attending your appointment (if necessary)
  • do not come to your appointment immediately following any rigorous exercise (cycling, running, gym/exercise class)
  • check your temperature before attending, if you have access to a thermometer
  • if you are a key worker, please ensure you have changed work clothing and showered (including hair) before attending your appointment
  • in the treatment room there will a container for clothes and another for any smaller items, please ensure these are used
  • please touch as little as possible whilst in the clinic and use the hand sanitiser regularly

Clinic Policy...

  • doors/windows will be left open, when suitable, to increase air circulation
  • all surfaces will be intensively cleaned and sterilised before and after every appointment
  • hand sanitisers are available in the hallway and in the treatment room for your use
  • extra time is being allocated between appointments to allow for additional cleaning and air circulation
  • face masks/visors will be worn by your therapist throughout the appointment (it is your choice whether you prefer to wear one, but it is not required)
  • there is a one-way system in operation, entry via the main door and exit by the door in the treatment room
  • there will be less appointments each week and they will be staggered throughout the week to allow for additional cleaning
  • treatment time is a maximum of 45 minutes
  • treatment courses and vouchers are no longer be available, each treatment will be a pay-as-you-go system (courses and vouchers already purchased and valid will be honoured up and until 31/12/20)
  • there are two customer toilets open as you enter the site from 9-5.  After this time you wil need to get the key from me to use the toilets.

Covid-19 Cancellation Policy...

  • if you become symptomatic within 1 week leading up to your appointment you must notify us so that we can cancel your appointment - please text 07925 907404
  • if you come into contact with anyone symptomatic within 1 week leading up to your appointment you must notify us so that we can cancel your appointment - please text 07925 907404
  • under the above circumstances you will not be charged a cancellation or rescheduling fee if it is directly related to covid-19, as we all have a duty of care to act safely and responsibly
  • we still operate a zero-tolerate policy on No Shows, for which the full appointment fee will be due

Please Note - we gratefully ask that you do not abuse this Covid-19 cancellation policy if you simply cannot make your appointment.  Maintaining all of our appointment slots is now more important than ever after an extremely challenging few months.

If you have any concerns or questions on the above please do not hesitate to email us at

Please also ensure that if you develop any symptoms of Covic-19 within 14 days of your last appoinment that you notify us immediately.

Thank you for your cooperation and ongoing support and loyalty.

These regulations will be updated as and when there are any changes.