Sacroiliac joint inflammation is a common cause of low back pain. These weight-bearing joints support the spine and act as shock absorbers for the body. They move very little but are key in transferring weight from the upper body to the legs, and enable the body to twist en the legs are moving. Inflammation can occur can occur through injury or wear and tear. If you experience any of these symptoms you may have sacroiliac joint inflammation:- ~ pain on either side of your lower back ~ pain that spreads to your buttocks, back of your thigh, groin and in rare cases, to your knee ~ pain may feel worse when you exercise and after sitting in the same position for a while ~ feel stiff after sitting or walking for long periods ~ pain when rolling over in bed

Injuries to the sacroiliac joints can occur in many sports, and are usually caused by a fall, or a direct blow to the buttocks that jolts the pelvis. Such falls are common in skating, skiing and horse riding, and in most collision sports too.

We can help ease the pain of sacroiliac joint inflammation for you with one or a combination of these treatment:- ~ soft tissue release therapy ~ electrotherapy ~ Tuina (Chinese Medical Massage) ~ acupuncture ~ kinesiology taping ~ postural balancing

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